Is Yamaha FZs V2 better than Suzuki Gixxer?

Most of the crazy bikers in Bangladesh are already aware that Yamaha has already launched the FZs V3 in Bangladesh but today, we are talking about Yamaha FZs V2. No need to feel bothered. We are here to make a comparison review between Yamaha FZs V2 and Suzuki Gixxer 155. Some people used to feel hesitate when they go to buy a bike within a certain budget. They confused about buying FZs and Gixxer. Finally, some speed lovers would go for Gixxer and riders who love the comfort and controlling, would go for FZs. So, the certain question has raised that is Yamaha FZs V2 better than Suzuki Gixxer?

Is Yamaha FZs V2 better than Suzuki Gixxer?Yamaha FZs V2 consists of 149 cc engine that can generate 13.1 Bhp max power in 8000 rpm and it’s maximum torque is 12.8 Nm. It has one cylinder with a five-speed gearbox and it has also sported looking split seating position. The kerb weight of the bike is 132 kg. Fuel tank capacity is 12 litres and the bike can make the top speed near about 115 kmph highest.

Now, let’s check the Suzuki Gixxer. The bike Gixxer consists of 154.9 cc engine that can generate 14.8 Bhp max power in 8000 rpm. Besides, the torque of the engine is 14 NM. It has also five-speed gearbox and kerb weight is 136 kg. The bike has a single plate seating position. The speed is good. Some say it can make more than 130 kmph speed highest.

Now, if we consider the general specifications of the bikes Yamaha FZs V2 and Suzuki Gixxer 155, we can check that both are almost same but considering the comfort, FZs will be best no doubt. It has also split seat along with amazing looks. The double-disc version of the FZs V2 is still available in the market and if you are the man who likes rear disc brake, FZs can give you that. Yes, Gixxer has also double-disc brake version available as well. However, the speed lovers who can also add the controlling, Gixxer will be a good choice no offence.

But, when the question comes to us between the two bikes, we are also confused to suggest one of them. It is also the question to us that Is Yamaha FZs V2 better than Suzuki Gixxer or not?

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