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Honda CBR 150R Vs R15 V3 Comparison Review: The Best Choice?

Honda CBR 150R Vs Yamaha R15 V3

Sports category bikes are the most demanded segment in Bangladesh and when we talk about the sports bikes, the two most talkative sports bikes are Yamaha R15 V3.0 and Honda CBR 150R in Bangladesh right now. Since long, the fans of these two bikes used to face against each other. Some say, R15 is the best in the segment and some surely go for CBR. Nowadays, the most updated bike of R15 is V3.0 and at the same time, Honda launched their updated version of CBR 150R. We are talking about the Honda CBR 150R Vs R15 V3 comparison review today. Considering the design and features of R15 V3.0, we have brought CBR 150R Indo in the review. So, let’s check the details below.


#Honda CBR Vs Yamaha R15:

Comparison Honda CBR 150R Yamaha R15 V3
Bike Type Sports Sports
Brand Origin Japan Japan
Engine Specs Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Liquid Cooled SI Engine Liquid-cooled, Four stroke, SOHC, Four valve, Fi, Single Cylinder
Displacement (CC) 149.16 cc 155.1 cc
Max. Power 17.1 BHP (12.6KW) @ 9000RPM 19.04 BHP @ 10000 RPM
Max. Torque 13.7NM @ 7000RPM 13.7NM @ 7000RPM
Cylinder No.  1 1
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled
Gears No. 6 (Six) 6 (Six)
Top Speed 145 KMP/H (Approx) 150 KMP/H (Approx)
Average Mileage 45 KMP/L (Approx) 45 KMP/L (Approx)
Kerb Weight 137 kg 135 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 L 11 L
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#Honda CBR 150R Vs Yamaha R15 V3: Design Concept

R15 V3 and CBR 150R are the two attractive looking bikes in Bangladesh. They are super sexy as well. When looking at the CBR, it has dual pit headlamp which is very sharp. The graphics are very attractive with the sporty seating position. The bike is suitable for the rider and pillion. It has well measured exhaust with the sporty rich handlebar. There are a number of different shades of the bike available in the country and all are attractive. 

On the other side, R15 V3 has come with a different looks than the 2nd edition. It has pretty wide front end along with dual pit headlamp which are quite powerful. The fuel tank seems bigger with sporty and double parts seating position. The rear end is also wide with the 150 rear section with tubeless tyre. The exhaust is pretty big. Still, we cannot say which one is the best considering the looks because the choice of people used to be different.


# CBR 150R Vs R15 V3: Engine Quality

The products of Honda and Yamaha both are Japanese origin but the bike CBR 150R used to be manufactured in Indonesia. It has liquid-cooled and one cylinder engine that can generate 17.1 Bhp max power and 13.7 NM max torque. The bike has the six-speed gearbox that can able to make near about 140 kmph top speed so far. In that case, Yamaha R15 V3 has the more powerful engine. It has also liquid-cooled, four strokes, SOHC and SOHC engine that can generate 19.04 Bhp max power and 14.7 NM max torque. The six-speed gearbox can able to make near about 150 kmph top speed so far.


# Other Features:

The bikes CBR and R15 both have the latest features installed and the reported mileage are also the same as we know. In recent times, the new version of both bikes have been launched in the market which consists of anti lock braking system. So, now there is no compromise of controlling.



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