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Honda CB Shine Vs Yamaha Saluto

In Bangladesh, there are three popular segments of bikes used to be launched most of the cases. They are 100 or 110, 125 and 150cc. Nowadays, the bike brands have started to launch the new 165cc bikes but they are not significant in number. Here we are talking about the two 125cc bikes right now. The comparison review between Honda CB Shine Vs Yamaha Saluto. Through the comparison review, you can make an easy decide which one will be the best for you hopefully. So, let’s find out the details comparison review below.


# Honda CB Shine Vs Yamaha Saluto:

Comparison Honda CB ShineYamaha Saluto
Bike TypeStandardStandard
Brand OriginJapanJapan
Engine SpecsAir Cooled, Four Stroke, SI engineAir cooled, Four stroke, SOHC, Two valve
Displacement (CC)124.7 cc125 cc
Max. Power10.57 BHP @ 7500 RPM8.18 Bhp @ 7000 RPM
Max. Torque10.30 NM @ 5500 RPM10.1 Nm @ 4500 RPM
Cylinder No. 11
Cooling SystemAir CooledAir Cooled
Gears No.4 (Four)4 (Four)
Top Speed100 KMP/H (Approx)98 KMP/H (Approx)
Average Mileage60 KMP/L (Approx)65 KMP/L (Approx)
Kerb Weight123 kg113 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity10.5 L7.6 L
See MoreHonda CB ShineYamaha Saluto 125


#Honda CB Shine Vs Yamaha Saluto: Design Concept

When to look at the design concept, to our opinion, Honda CB Shine is much more decent looking than Saluto though the product of Yamaha has it’s own style that can compare to none. Saluto has unique design fuel tank along with long and comfortable seating position. The front end is also different looking with the long exhaust attached. In recent times, Yamaha is giving more focus on their Saluto product. On the other side, CB Shine is one of a kind. The bike has muscular fuel tank with the glossy shades. There are attractive but decent graphics added with the standard handlebar. The bike has also long, comfortable seating position. Overall, both are the best quality 125cc bikes in Bangladesh right now.


#Honda CB Shine Vs Yamaha Saluto: Engine Quality

The products of Honda and Yamaha are both from japan and so, there is no compromise of their built in quality. CB Shine and Saluto originated in Japan where CB Shine consists of air-cooled and SI engine that can generate 10.57 Bhp max power and 10.30 NM max torque. It has the four-speed gearbox that can able to make around 100 kmph top speed so far. Saluto has also the 125cc air-cooled, SOHC and two valve engine that can generate 8.18 Bhp max power and 10.1 NM max torque. The bike has also the four speed gearbox and the reported top speed is 100 kmph so far.


# Other Features:

There are fully advanced features added into the bikes CB Shine and Saluto. The kerb weight of CB Shine is pretty much than Saluto and it has also the bigger fuel tank that can contain 10.5 litres of fuel. On the other hand, Saluto’s fuel tank can contain 7.6 litres of fuel so far. Considering the current price, CB Shine is available with a more reasonable price than Yamaha Saluto but for the bigger marketing, Yamaha Saluto has become very well known right now.



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